Painting on Foil – Painting Etch-a-Sketch

Our new favourite painting activity is painting on foil. It’s like paint Etch-a-Sketch!

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Just For Tiny People Apron

One of the essential pieces of equipment when you’re baking with a toddler, is an apron. Both for you and for them. Baking is a messy business, which is part of the fun. Its always best to protect clothes though and getting dressed up to bake makes it even more special.

Potato has been using the same, rather worn apron since he was quite small. I’ve been looking for something special for him for a while. The problem is that most of the ones I like are firmly targeted at little girls.

Then I discovered that the team behind the truly enchanting Magical Teepees┬áthat I’ve been admiring for some time, Just For Tiny People, are branching out and one of their new lines will be children’s aprons.

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Developing Imagination

I’ve noticed a distinct change in the way Potato plays over the last few weeks, and I’m really quite excited by it.

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Binky Linky 12th September

Please no Businesses linking up!

This linky is for bloggers who have been blogging for a year or less. It’s your chance to link up your favourite post of the week. It’s a great way to find new blogs to read and to raise your blogs profile. Binky is the American term for a dummy which babies obviously use. We thought the name Binky Linky would suit seeing as this linky is aimed at newbie bloggers!

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Chocolate Coconut Ice

We’ve had a bit of a trip down baking memory lane this week. I used to make coconut ice for school fetes and cake sales. So when I was thinking of something a little different to make with our Chocolate Milkshake Icing Sugar from Sugar and Crumbs, I decided that Potato and I would try making a chocolate version of this childhood favourite.

Coconut Ice is an easy no-cook ‘bake’ to try with youngsters. The mix does get a little stiff, so I had to help Potato with the final bit of stirring. The spreading/rolling stage can get quite sticky and messy too, so be warned!

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Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of the simplest things for young children to bake as in their basic form they use just equal measures of butter, sugar and flour, with eggs.

They are also a great base skill as they can so easily be adapted with interesting flavours and toppings. Butterfly cakes were one of my childhood staple bakes.

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Cardboard Box Fire Engine

With D gone back to Dubai and me feeling a little down-in-the-dumps I though we needed a project this weekend to make up for being stuck at home potty training.

We’ve had some cardboard boxes hanging around for a while and in a moment of rather enthusiastic inspiration, I decided we’d make a cardboard box fire engine.


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