A Stylish Granny Knit

My mum is brilliant. She thoroughly spoils Potato and no more so than in all the incredible things she makes for him. She’s a really keen knitter, having learned from her own mum and aunt, and keeps Potato supplied in a steady stream of knitwear.

Sometimes, the sizing is a bit peculiar, especially as Potato is very long in the body for his age, but quite skinny. We’ve had a fair share of tent sized tank-tops then only reach his belly button. More often than not though, the end results are great and you’re sure to see a fair few of them featuring on my toddler fashion posts in future.

Granny Knit

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Little Chefs Week 3 – Pumpkin and Cinder Toffee Muffins

With Halloween almost here, it's hard to miss all the wonderful spooky and ghostly themed bakes and treats that have been popping up on Twitter and Instagram. I'm looking forward to seeing some of them linked up this week.

We had some great posts linked up last week too. I can't not mention this lovely one from Small World Big People. Making bagels with her 15 month old daughter and talking about how important it is to bake with little ones. A subject close to my own heart.

Last week Potato and I made Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. This week, we're sticking with the pumpkin theme and we made Pumpkin and Cinder Toffee Muffins.

These were some of the best muffins we've made. They were dark, moist, light and nicely spiced and the honeycombe added sweet, chewy nuggets throughout the muffins. I'm making another batch tomorrow for the village fete, along with more Snickerdoodles!

Pumpkin and Cinder Toffee Muffins

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Little Chefs Photo Fun

I thought I'd try something a little different alongside the #LittleChefs linky this week.

With half term in full swing and Halloween fast approaching, more and more people are getting into the kitchen with their little ones. Not everybody is a blogger though, or has time to write about it.

So this week I'd love for you to share photographs of your Little Chefs with their culinary creations, or getting busy in the kitchen.

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Autumn Woodland at Ashford Warren

The ancient Ashford Warren and Hoads Wood is a short work from out house. I hadn’t been since before I was pregnant, as the steep slopes and uneven footing wasn’t pregnancy or buggy friendly. When Potato asked to go for a walk in the woods this week, I decided it was time to go back.

It’s probably the longest walk his little legs have done. We were out for well over an hour and I didn’t take the pushchair. He did really well and really only faded on the final straight up the road home.

It’s a beautiful woodland, managed by The Wildlife Trusts with plenty of different paths, terrains and habitats to explore.

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Easy Peasy Puff Pastry Tart

While we were going through the horror of potty training, I needed food that was quick and easy to prepare. I couldn’t leave Potato on his own for more than a few minute. I fell back on one of my old faithful recipes – Easy Peasey Puff Pastry Tart.

It doesn’t need much preparation or require much concentration and isn’t really a recipe so much as a basis to play with your favourite ingredients. With half term here, this is a great recipe for the whole family. You can make smaller versions too, so everybody can have their own version, which stops rows over who likes which toppings best.

Easy Peasey Puff Pastry Tart

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Losing my Temper

Yesterday I lost my rag.

I shouted at Potato. I mean properly shouted at him. It wasn’t even over something worth shouting about and inevitably he was mortified and end up in tears and I felt awful.It’s not that I don’t raise my voice to him ever. I’m not that calm a person. I do, however, keep it reasonable and moderate I hope.

Yesterday I didn’t.

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Retro Toddler Fashion

This week’s outfit a funky retro one. Potato has quite long, thick hair and I think the retro look is one he wears really well.

Beebies Retro Dungarees

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