Little Chefs – Marshmallow Crispies

Welcome back to Little Chefs.

My favourite post from last week was this from New Young Mum. It’s exactly what Little Chefs is all about – getting little ones onto the kitchen and having a go. Plus, how adorable is the chef outfit?

Last week, Potato and I made fun Haribo Cookies. This week, I decided to go back to basics. I recently bought Potato his first cookbook. It reminds me so much of one of my first cookbooks.

Some things have moved on. The book is perfectly sized for young hands, and the pages are thick and wipe-clean, which is a huge bonus. It’s also spiral bound, so it opens nice and flat. Some things don’t change. The recipes are all very much like the ones I started cooking. The vast majority of them are ones that Potato can do most of himself. All the old favourites are there. Fairy cakes, cornflake cakes and flapjacks as well as a selection of savoury recipes. Most importantly, it has Marshmallow Crispies, which are one of my favourite childhood bakes. I used to make them for parties and school fetes. So of course, they had to be the first thing Potato made.

Marshmallow Crispies

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The Changing Role of Phones

Do you remember when home phones were the ones with dials on the front, rather than buttons to press or a screen to tap?

Do you remember when plans to meet friends were complicated and detailed and all had to be made before you left the house?

It seems odd to me to think that when I learned to drive, mobile phones were only just coming in. My Granny got me my first one, not long after I passed my driving test, so I’d have a means of calling for help when driving round the countryside. It was the size (and weight) of a house-brick.

How times change.

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Little Chefs – Haribo Cookies

Welcome back to Little Chefs.

We had some great posts linked up last week. I particularly liked this idea from Eats Amazing. A really simple and easy way for kids to create their own breakfast. I’ll be investing in some sundae glasses here, so we can try this ourselves!

Last weeks Nutella and Banana Cupcakes were very popular on social media. Very few people can resist a good dollop of Nutella!

This week’s bake was inspired by one of Little Chef’s biggest supporters. Lucas over at Wicked World of Lucas would use his favourite food, Haribo, in pretty much every recipe if he were allowed. So I thought I’d try making a cookie he’d approve of. Hopefully I’ll have succeeded with these Haribo Cookies

These are not dignified and they are not pretty. These are cookies for kids, by kids. I’m pretty sure most grown-ups will want to hijack one or too though, when the kids aren’t looking.


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Books for Learning Letters

This post is prompted by a conversation on Facebook about what our kids 'should' know or be able to do, by the time they go to preschool.

Potato is 2 years and 8 and started nursery/preschool last week. There are things he can do and things he can't. I don't really have a frame of reference for what he's 'supposed' to be able to do. It's not a race and all kids do things in their own time. One of the things he can do, is recognise about half a dozen letters and I was chatting on Facebook about what I do to help this.

Really, there isn't much I specifically do, other than read. We read together every day, several times a day and there are plenty of alphabet books amongst our favourites.

I thought I share them.

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