Little Chefs Week 7 – Lemon Poppy Seed Castles

Welcome back to Little Chefs. It’s been a busy few week for us in the kitchen as we’ve had guests and so plenty of people to bake for. I hope you’ve been having as much fun as we have.

If this is your first visit to Little Chefs, you can read more about it here.

Last week, I loved how Lucas over at Wicked World of Lucas, managed to convince his mum to cook with Coke in return for a few mouthfuls of sweet corn. Crafty negotiation!

Last week we baked Raspberry Ripple Cupcakes. This week we made Lemon Poppy Seed Castle Cakes.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cakes, using the Miniamo Brights Castle Cake Moulds

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Beebies Baby Store 2014 Xmas Wishlist

I love being a Beebies Baby Store Ambassador, but I can honestly say that even if I wasn’t an official ambassador, I’d be recommending them to everybody and anybody. I can hardly believe how far Beebies Baby Store has come since I wrote a wishlist a year ago. It’s proof that hard work and determination really does pay off.

The range of products available at Beebies Baby Store is amazing. They really are your one-stop baby, toddler and maternity shop. New lines are being added all the time and every time I come for a browse, I find new things I want for Potato. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m going to share some of my favourite things with you.

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Why I Do Let My Son have an iPad

There's an article doing the rounds about allowing your kids to use tablets and smartphones. It cites the late Steve Jobs as being a big supporter of no iPads or iPhones for kids and it's getting shared by all kids off different people.

It's really getting my back up. I apologise in advance for the rant that you're about to read. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with me and who may take this opportunity to tell me so. So be it.

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Binky Linky 21st November 2014

Please no Businesses linking up!

This linky is for bloggers who have been blogging for a year or less. It’s your chance to link up your favourite post of the week. It’s a great way to find new blogs to read and to raise your blogs profile. Binky is the American term for a dummy which babies obviously use. We thought the name Binky Linky would suit seeing as this linky is aimed at newbie bloggers! Read more

Little Chefs Week 6 – Raspberry Ripple Cupcakes

Little Chefs is now into its 2nd month. If you’re new to this linky, you can read about it here. Otherwise, come along and join in the fun.

Last weeks’ highlight for me was Glimmer of Hope’s S’Mores Lollies, not least because it includes Nutella. She shows that you don’t need a fancy recipe or lots of ingredients for your little one to have fun in the kitchen. Just 3 ingredients and some sticks and her little boy made these all by himself and had fun doing it. Perfect.

Last week, Potato and I made Chocolate Hazelnut Jumbles. This week we made Raspberry Ripple Cupcakes, using some of the delicious a Raspberry Ripple flavoured icing sugar from sugar and crumbs. I’m a big fan of their products and have at least 6 different flavours of icing sugar and flavoured cocoa in my cupboard at the moment!

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Plant Now for Spring Colour

This weekend Potato and I helped Granny plant up barrels on the street in their village. They’re huge ones, positioned to help discourage people from parking unsafely opposite the pub. Just because they’re serve a purpose though, there’s no reason they can’t also be pretty. So we filled them with pansies and violas for winter colour and bulbs to come up in a few months, to provide a shot of spring colour.

All 3 of us pottered down the drive with our wheelbarrows. Potato was extra important with the bulbs and Granny’s tools in his.


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HappiJoey Happy Boy!

I'm a bit of a shoe snob, at least when it comes to what I put on Potato's feet. While I'm happy to wear worn and beaten trainers most of the time, his shoes are always cute or funky, well made and carefully chosen. His issues with intoeing mean I have to be careful when he wears too, as the wrong style causes him to trip himself over or walk awkwardly.

When Beebies Baby Store asked me to try out their new range of shoes from HappiJoey, I was more than happy to help out.

HappiJoey Shoes from Beebies Baby Store

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