Usborne Books Children’s Cupcake Kit

I’m a big fan of Usborne Books. I’ve been buying them for Potato ever since his was a baby, so I was really excited to be given the chance to review their Children’s Cupcake Kit.

Cupcakes are a great thing to make with children. The basic recipe is really simple and ideal for young children to learn about the processes involved. They’re also really simple to adapt into new and exciting favours and style. You can change flavours, toppings, size and even cases, and end up with some wonderfully personal creations. You can let kids go wild with icing and sprinkles or aim for a more restrained pipped effect. The results are almost always delicious and fun.

The Usborne Books Children’s Cupcake Kit is a really lovely addition to any cookbook collection.

Usborne Children's Cupcake Kit

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Sunshine and Mud

What toddler can resist the lure of sunshine and mud at the same time?

Knowing I was going to be busy in the afternoon, packing to go on holiday, Potato and I headed out for a good long walk this morning. As we often do, we popped down the road to Hothfield Common. This time, however, rather than exploring the woodlands, we set our sights further afield and and set out for the wetland area.


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Kitchen Craft Let’s Make Easter Gifts

It really feels like Christmas was just a few weeks ago, and yet here comes Easter, just around the corner. I love giving and receiving chocolate eggs at Christmas, but I'm fairly careful about the amount of chocolate Potato eats, despite our constant baking. At nearly 3, I'm still looking for alternatives to chocolate for him this year, in the knowledge that Granny will most certainly spoil him with enough chocolate to make him ill!

These egg-cellent gifts from Kitchen Craft' Let's Make range would be perfect!

Let's Make Alternative to Chocolate for Easter

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