The Changing Role of Phones

Do you remember when home phones were the ones with dials on the front, rather than buttons to press or a screen to tap?

Do you remember when plans to meet friends were complicated and detailed and all had to be made before you left the house?

It seems odd to me to think that when I learned to drive, mobile phones were only just coming in. My Granny got me my first one, not long after I passed my driving test, so I’d have a means of calling for help when driving round the countryside. It was the size (and weight) of a house-brick.

How times change.

Potato is already a dab hand at using a telephone. My mobile is usually locked, but he regularly calls my parents from the house phone when I have my back turned. He’s even accidentally called a friend who was travelling abroad and in a whole different timezone. He’s 2 3/4!

He can often be found having a conversation with somebody, usually Granny, on an imaginary phone. As his speech develops, the conversations are quite detailed and animated.

I know this is something he’s learned from me, just like he knows how to use a tablet and smartphone. I spend a lot of time online, on the phone using technology to communicate in one way or another. I worry that I’m teaching Potato bad habits, but ultimately, technology is my life line.

I call my mum at least once a day when they’re not on holiday. Sometimes it’s literally a 2 minute call to ask her a question. Other times, it’s just for a chat, even though we see her at least once a week. I don’t have many close friends nearby, so I talk to my many wonderful and very dear friends who are spread out across the country, on messenger and text. Most importantly though, Potato and I talk to D on Skype at least 3 times a week. I’m not sure how we’d manage without that technology. Potato would certainly struggle to remember who Daddy is between visits. As it is, he gets to see D and tell him about his day and even give him a kiss.

Telecommunications have come such a long way since I was growing up. I used to spend hours and hours chatting on the home phone to my best friend, almost every evening, even though I saw her at school every day. Now, 23 later, I’m more likely to text or Whatsapp her. With people so attached to their mobile phones and other devices, home phones have had to evolve too. Did you know you can get home phone systems where you can use your smartphone as an extra handset? Or ones that act as a baby monitor too? Or even ones that can help reduce the number of those irritating cold calls or auto-dialler calls you recieve? I didn’t.

The features available on modern home phones are as varied and as clever as those you can get on your smart phones. Panasonic’s full range of home phones is a far cry from the simple analogue phones I remember or even from the early digital and cordless ones we had.

So, in all honesty, I try not to worry about Potato learning too many bad habits from me. We live in an age of high tech and digital communication, that makes our lives easier and helps us keep in touch with the people that matter. That can’t be a bad thing.

Disclaimer – this post is a sponsored post, written in conjunction with Panasonic

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