Hand-Print Mother’s Day Cards

Potato has 2 Grandmothers.

There are both called Granny. So imagine my frustration when I went to buy Mother’s Day cards for them in the supermarket. I could find ‘Gran’, ‘Grandma’, ‘Grandmother’, Nan’, ‘Nanna’ and even ‘Aunty’, but no ‘Granny’.

So I decided we’d make our own. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do that from the start anyway. We had everything in we needed and it was a great excuse to do something crafty to get over the lingering post-holiday blues.

We’ve done hand print art before and Potato has become quite the dab-hand (excuse the pun) at applying the paint to his own hand. This time we just used green paint and did single handprints on a selecion of blank cards.


I was quite surprised at home accurate and careful he was with doing the actual print. I guided him a bit, but he was mostly able, and very willing, to do it him self.

Once dry, we used a collection of colourful mini pom-poms, flower-shaped confetti and flower stickers, to turn Potato’s green handprints, into lovely flowering plants.



I finished them off with a cut out plant pot and the cards were ready to write.

Home-made hand-print flower Mother’s Day cards. Much nicer and more personal than shop-bought ones and much cheaper too!


I’m linking up with BecomingaStayatHomeMum and her #CreativeChallenge this week. Pop over to see what everybody else has been doing.

Creative Challenge


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8 thoughts on “Hand-Print Mother’s Day Cards

  1. These are fantastic! I cant believe you couldn’t find a Granny Mothers day card, that’s a bit bonkers, but it all worked out well as these are lovely and I’m sure both Granny’s will love that he made them himself! He is so good with the crafting honestly, I’m so in awe! Thanks so much for linking to #creativechallenge thus is such a lovely idea! Xx

    1. Thank you. He really does enjoy getting stuck in and he needs less and less help. We have some fun things coming up for Spring/Easter too 🙂

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