Something Fishy

We’ve had a tough few nights this week, with Potato being up and screaming for 3-4 hours each night. We’ve still been getting up and out early though, for his classes and my gym sessions, so we’re both pretty tired. Today I decided we’d have a lovely lazy day at home. Potato has been in a sleepsuit all day and I’ve been in some extraordinarily unflattering but comfy clothes.

It’s been a few weeks since we did any art or messy play. After a browse on Pinterest and inspired by our upcoming Caribbean holiday, I opted for a colourful fishy theme.

While Potato napped, I cut out 2 large fish shapes, cut some different coloured tissue paper into squares and found our collection of stars and foil shapes.


We started with the sticking fish. A liberal coat of glue all over the first fish shape, and I let Potato get ‘stuck in’. The tissue paper intrigued him. There was much scrunching and scooping and watching it flutter to the table from up high. When he realised it was sticking to the fish shape, he got quite deliberate with where he placed it.


Impatience soon got the better of him though and he went back to sprinkling and scattering. Soon the fish and table were covered in colourful confetti. 


A few shiny stars and shapes gave the fish a lovely sparkle and I finished it off with a googly eye.

Next we did the painting fish and things got very messy indeed. Some pots of paint, a selection of brushes, a spatula, a few more stars and shapes and a blank canvas. Paint was dabbed, splattered and generously smooshed around the fish. What started off with some cautious splodges of red and yellow, ended up a glorious riot of colours all mixed together.


We dolloped on some glittery paint for an added sparkle, and towards the end I added some white paint to contrast with the dark background.


Another googly eye and our 2nd fish was finished and it was time for a clean-up. But not before a final sensory exploration of what a fully loaded paintbrush feels like when its squidged between your fingers.


When the fish were dry, I stuck both fish into blue backing paper. I think they both look rather lovely. I think I’ll revisit the idea closer to our holiday and maybe do some other Caribbean themed play to get us in the mood for our trip.



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3 thoughts on “Something Fishy

    1. I’m always surprised at how much Potato is capable of. I usually provide guidance to start with, but have to resist interfering too much. The hardest thing is trying not the stop him doing it the way he wants to do it, because it’s not how I’d envisaged it. In things like this, there is no right or wrong way and the results can be pretty impressive.
      Thanks for stopping by xx

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