Yogurt Pot Muffins


It’s been wet, grey and generally miserable outside today. So I decided we’d bake some cheer into the day this afternoon.


I recently came across this interesting looking recipe from RedTedArt on Pinterest. I loved the idea that everything is done in measures of a yogurt pot, making it perfect for doing with Potato. At 20 months old he's showing a real interest in what I do in the kitchen. Even better, it uses ingredients I generally have in all the time.

The recipe is super simple.


1 pot of any flavour yogurt (we used Yeo Valley Strawberry)

¾ pot of sunflower oil

1 pot of caster sugar (we used golden caster sugar)

3 pots of self-raising flour

1 egg

1 pot of frozen fruit (we used a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and probably used more like 1 ½ pots)

Potato got an apron in his stocking this year and he was so excited about putting it one for the first time today, when he saw me in mine.

Then it was up into the FunPod and ready to get baking.


Potato was able to help do everything. He poured the yogurt and oil into the bowl and once I’d given it a quick rinse, ‘carefully’ filled it first with sugar and then with flour.


I cracked the egg in, whilst he got busy with some mixing. He quickly decided that the wooden spoon just wasn’t the best tool for the job. Good job his hands were clean. One of the things I like about making muffins with toddlers, is that the batter is better if it’s not over mixed. So it doesn’t matter if they can’t get to the bottom of the bowl or get everything smooth.


For this recipe, it really is a case of putting everything into the bowl, giving it a mix and dividing amongst the muffin cases. My pot of yogurt was only 115g, so the mixture was quite stiff, so Potato needed a lot of help to spoon it out into the muffin cases. More yogurt would have made the mix looser and easier to spoon.


The muffins go in the oven at 180C (170C fan/ gas 5) for 10 – 15 mins. Ours took 13mins. Just long enough to clean up both the toddler and the cooking area. The hardest part was leaving them for long enough to cool down.


I was really pleased with how they turned out. The muffins were pretty light and fluffy. They were really tasty, but not too sweet, so perfect for a toddler to snack on.

He thought to so!


I'm linking up with Raisie Bay and Kids in the Kitchen. Come and see what everybody has been cooking.

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6 thoughts on “Yogurt Pot Muffins

  1. These muffins look so easy and lots of fun – whats even nicer is I have everything in the kitchen to make them already.
    I think Poppy and I will have a go this week. Thanks for this little bit of inspiration. Last week Poppy had lots of fun making the ‘fish’ with tissue paper. Have a super week, loving the blog and all the nice things you put on it. Kimmy and Poppy xx

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